See how easy it is to get
cheap, cheap writing?


See how easy it is to get cheap, cheap writing?


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Hire Cheap Writers is a side gig to my freelance B2B copywriting services. My goal is to provide as much high-quality writing at an affordable, reasonable rate.


Pick the writing process that works for you.

AI-Generated Writing

Unleash the power of AI to prompt a new piece of content based on your keyword goals, and needs. Maybe it'll be good or total shit. But as they say, you get what you pay for.


300 to 2,000+ Words
Fastest Turnaround
Most cost-effective
Spend $100, I'll Share My Prompts

Human-Generated Writing

The best writing comes from a human writer. While AI may be used to brainstorm ideas, every word delivered to you will be hand typed into a Google Doc based on your brief/requirements.


10-Day Revision Period
Research-Driven Writing
Fact-checked & Quality Reviewed
Better than AI-Generated Writing

Psst... I built this website in 7.3 hours. That means there's still so much to improve, but as I do, I'm still ready to write for you!


I’m always open to write for awesome people and brands. Take a minute to fill out the form below if you feel like we're a good fit.

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    Foreseeable Asked Questions

    You've got questions, we've foreseen them. Dive into our FAQs for answers as clear as your business vision.

    AI-Geneated Writing

    1What can I expect from AI-generated content?

    For just $21 CAD, you can expect articles ranging from 300 to over 2,000 words. And yes, its the same price for more or less words.

    My advanced GPT models and prompting ensure high-quality output, but here's the kicker: you should use AI content at your own risk.

    While I invest time and apply my expertise to guide the AI, I'm not liable for any misleading or false information it may produce. The responsibility to review, fact-check, and ensure the content's accuracy before publishing rests with you.

    If you're in need of specifics, feel free to reach out via LinkedIn or WhatsApp for samples or to chat in more detail.

    2How does AI content creation work with specific keywords for SEO purposes?
    Just give me your keyword. With my background in freelance writing, I'll ensure your content hits the mark. A word of caution: Google's latest updates target low-quality content. For a more secure investment in your site's SEO, consider opting for human-crafted articles.
    3Can I request specific writing styles from the AI?
    Yes, you can! The more details you provide, the better I can tailor the AI's output to suit your needs. It's essential, however, to review AI-generated content for accuracy. While I strive for perfection, AI can sometimes miss the mark.
    4Is there a limit to how many revisions I can request for AI-generated content?
    AI-generated content comes as is, without the option for revisions. If you need tweaks or a deeper dive into the material, booking a 1-hour consultation might be your best bet. We can refine the content together in real-time, ensuring it meets your standards.
    5What's the typical delivery time for AI-generated articles?

    I churn out AI articles during my evenings, capping at about 10 pieces before quality dips. Once you're in my queue, I'll give you an estimated turnaround time. If you're in a rush and need priority, we can discuss a slight bump in fee for expedited delivery.

    Human-Only Writing

    1Why choose human-only content?

    You know, I could've been in an operating room performing heart transplants, but instead, I'm here operating on words with surgical precision.

    As an Honours graduate in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Waterloo, my writing is built on fact-checking and in-depth analysis. But don't worry, I don't lack in personality, just ask me about my bicycle tour in 2014.

    Anyway, with AI, you get convenience and low costs; with humans, you get artistry and precision.

    • AI Content: Fast, good for basic drafts, SEO-friendly (maybe).
    • Human Content: Fact-checked, thought leadership caliber, personalized touch.

    I'm the human behind your human-only content. Quality? Depth? Wit? That's my domain. After all, AI might run the race, but human quality takes the podium every time.

    2What’s the turnaround time for human-only content?
    A quote tailored to your project's length and complexity will determine the ETA. Urgency has a price tag, though—a premium for the premium rush. 24-hour turnarounds wear a superhero cape, and the bill reflects the heroics.
    3What are the qualifications of your human writers?

    I stand by Peter Cooper's wisdom:

    “I have always recognized that the object of business is to make money in an honorable fashion. I have endeavored that the object of life is to do good.”

    I don't think there's a better quote to live by, do you?

    4How does the revision process work for human-written content?
    If you ordered human-only writing, you'll have a ten-day window to collaborate on Google Docs, where we polish the piece to shine. Here’s what makes feedback golden:

    • Good Feedback: "I like this angle, can we deepen this part?"
    • Bad Feedback: "This isn't good. Change it."

    Want to tweak together? Let's hop on a call. It's $75 for an hour of focused content finessing.

    5Are there express options available for human-written content?

    Rome wasn't built in a day, but your content can be—just know it'll cost a little more than Caesar's coin. I'm road-testing this service, so sign up for my newsletter for updates. And remember, squeezing you in means you're my VIP—so expect to feel like the king of content castle.

    Billing Related Questions

    1What payment methods do you accept for content services?

    We make payments easy and flexible. Currently, all transactions are set up manually with invoicing via WaveApps. You can use your credit card (Visa or Mastercard). If you're Canadian, Interac e-transfer is ideal. You can also opt for bank transfers, or send funds through

    And if you're into cryptocurrencies, let us know—we can set up a Bitcoin wallet just for you!

    2Are there any ongoing commitments or can I pay per piece?

    Freedom is the name of the game here at There are no ongoing commitments; you pay per piece, as simple as that. Need regular content? We're working on packages and subscriptions tailored to your needs. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on these upcoming features!

    3Do you offer package deals or discounts for bulk content orders?
    While every piece is currently paid for individually, we're developing bulk content packages and subscription services that'll give you more bang for your buck. These will be rolled out as we fine-tune our services, so subscribe to our updates to be the first to know!
    4What's your policy on refunds or content dissatisfaction?
    Our stance on refunds is crystal clear—no refunds, period. But we're confident in our quality, and we're transparent about what we offer. If you're not sure, you're welcome to chat with us on WhatsApp before you buy. If your content needs a little tweaking, you've got 90 days to request adjustments. Otherwise, half of your expired payment will cheerfully go to a charitable cause.

    General Questions

    1What if I don't have a brief/guidelines?

    Creating a brief is an art in itself. If you're new to this, don't fret! I'm cooking up a free resource on crafting a kickass brief.

    If you're eager to get started right away, book a $75 consult, and we'll hammer out a stellar brief together in a 1:1 call.

    Otherwise, sign up for my newsletter to stay updated.

    2What if I don't like the stuff you write?

    You're encouraged to vet my work as rigorously as you'd inspect a second-hand spaceship. Got questions or second thoughts? Hit me up on WhatsApp or let's connect on LinkedIn.

    I'm here to offer transparent, quality content without the smoke and mirrors. And remember, my aim is to strike a balance between crazy affordable and impressively qualitative content.

    3How specialized are your human writers?

    Think of me as a Jack (or Jef) of all trades, master of puns, and a generalist who knows how to spin words into gold – well, almost.

    I bring over 7 years of freelance writing to the table, catering to service professionals, SaaS, B2B, and brands making real-world ripples of positivity.

    But let's lay down the law: No crypto, casinos, adult themes, or any shadowy stuff. I write with integrity and my moral compass is not for sale.

    4 What if I have special content requirements or need a specific writing style?

    The devil's in the details, and the more you provide, the better we can align with your vision.

    For content that hits the right notes in style and substance, we encourage you to provide us with a detailed brief. Should you need more personalized guidance to capture your brand's unique voice and tone, we're here to help.

    Book a 1-hour consult for $75, and we'll deep dive into your content needs over a call or video session.